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Considerations for SBA Lending

  • Myth - SBA loans are for high risk or credit challenged borrowers

  • Myth - SBA gives minorities and economically disadvantaged groups an edge

  • The SBA reviews all groups the same

  • Myth - SBA lends the money - The SBA does not loan the money. It guarantees a percent of the funds lent.

504 Program Details  -  7a Program Details

Patriot Express Details

Commercial Loan Request

Complete and sign the Convenient Loan Application.

Complete and sign a Personal Financial Statement for each owner or principal of the business (if additional copies are needed, you may make copies of the attached original).

Provide copies of last year's business income and balance sheets and tax returns, if available.

Provide current income and balance sheets.

Provide a copy of last year's personal tax return for all principals of the business (20% ownership).

For purchase of property, building or equipment provide a copy of the purchase agreement.

For a line of credit application, attach your recent accounts receivables and payable accounts.

Give a brief description of the project.

Each business is unique and therefore, CFGLLC may discover that additional information is necessary to give proper consideration to this request. If this occurs, CFGLLC will contact you promptly.

Thank you for your application!



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